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SMS Mining Services continues to invest heavily in innovation, systems and technology to support improved mine operation profitability, equipment reliability and control capital investment.

Our systems and processes are fundamental to providing accuracy, transparency and control in everything we do.

Core business systems

  • MANGO – QHSE software: An integrated solution to control and maintain all aspects of quality, health and safety, and environmental management
  • AMT Asset Management software: An end-to-end asset management portal which brings reporting, decision making support and work management under the one monitoring, productivity and financial management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Greentree: Accounting and financial control and compliance.

 AMT Asset Management

AMT is the leading asset management software for mobile mining equipment. It is used by some of the world’s largest mining equipment fleets and OEMs.

The system adopts the latest technologies and methodologies and is a scalable computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) and fully integrated asset management decision support tool.

Central to this are efficient processes and smarter decision making. Benefits include:

  • increased efficiency: An end-to-end asset management processes
  • reduced asset life cycle costs: Maintenance strategy optimisation enables proactive risk management, fewer component failures and lower life cycle costs
  • accurate budgets: Improved accuracy and consistency in the preparation of budgets and the ongoing evaluation of performance against budgets
  • resource planning: Consolidated forecasting of component and part requirements, labour, performance and availability.


MANGO is an integrated QHSE software solution used by over 250,000 people across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. It can be used to control and maintain all aspects of health and safety, quality and environmental management and for SMS Mining Services  it provides the one entry point to access to data, documentation and reporting right across our business in the QHSE area. Data input is standardized across each project with an emphasis on usefulness and accuracy; and allowing better analysis and control.

The software includes:

  • accident and incident management as well as compliance. It helps us to identify high volume and risk areas and track their root causes, linking it to the improvement module for the development of preventative measures
  • audits and inspections making compliance easier
  • reporting including charts and system statuses which allows for easier analysis to identify trends and areas of improvement
  • plant and equipment maintenance and reporting. Failure to properly track, record and maintain our plant and equipment can be detrimental to not only our bottom line but our reputation and the safety of our teams
  • documentation and risk management including health and safety. The software will help in identifying, recording and controlling risk, along with the regular checking of identified risk controls
  • a legal register, QHSE business and planning manuals and full document control ensuring the right employees are using the correct and current versions.

The capacity to work within vigorous frameworks and deliver successful systems integration

SMS has achieved approved vendor status for large mine owners and contractors nationally. This has involved extensive information exchange, audits and compliance. We have the capability and governance systems to address compliance requirements and to integrate smoothly with client systems. 


We have a commitment to continuous improvement across all areas of our business. We foster a progressive culture to support our growth and the delivery of leading edge service. Innovation lies within the mindset of our management team and is a focus of our recruitment in the quality of our people.

Innovation takes many forms in SMS Mining Services. It may be challenging our systems, solutions for our clients or a safety improvement. Our approach is three fold:

  • support a progressive culture and talent pool
  • promote a solutions mindset
  • support this with the best systems.