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Supporting our vision is our mission – ‘to provide safe, innovative and quality value-adding services and equipment’. Paramount to the achievement of this is our people.

Leading SMS is an experienced management team. They are respected mining professionals who are approachable and supportive.

With a culture built on the foundation of our values, we are progressive, responsive and agile. We work together as a team with our clients to deliver project profitability. We are a growing company that offers opportunity through our formal graduate and apprenticeship programs, training and on the job mentoring.

The voice of our teams

Communication is important to us, both to and from our project teams and supporting offices. We are always getting better at things and with feedback, we are constantly looking at improved ways to keep in touch through our social media, newsletters and directly.

Our own employees (though our surveys) see us as a company which cares. We are ‘growing, a good company, with a good culture’. Safety also rates well. They also said that we love to innovate and come up with solutions.

Health and Wellbeing

We see people as our most valuable asset – one that we should reward and invest in. This includes the health and wellbeing of our teams. We actively promote healthy lifestyles through a number of initiatives and wellness programs for all staff.  To manage this, SMS has appointed a full time Health and Wellbeing Officer who plays a critical role in building a strong two way communication channel with all our sites.

Valuing our people

Our people have the ability to work in exciting and diverse roles across Australia; and are given opportunities to upskill to learn more within the company. We are focused and encourage our people to be involved in the future of SMS and we will respect and reward accordingly.

Visit our Job Hub to find out about our current opportunities and to apply.