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SMS Rental (WA) Pty Ltd is proud to announce that it has become a foundation partner of the Murlpirrmarra Connection.

The Murlpirrmarra Connection assists and supports in the areas of education, educational options, sporting pathways, health, rehabilitation, discipline, self-confidence and employment prospects for young Wiluna and Murchison based Aboriginal men and women, and by supporting in these areas allowing the regional youth to contribute constructively in the Wiluna community and wider society.

This is achieved by a variety of activities performed between the students, parents, educational facilities, partnered organisations and government departments. This interaction creates a smooth and comfortable transition for the students into educational facilities, development programs and maintains a high level of engagement.

Maintaining the well-being and engagement of participating students is a primary focus for the Murlpirrmarra Connection and this is accompanied by implementing school holiday programs in the Wiluna and Murchison areas to help with the important aspect of student re-engagement.

More to come soon!